About Us

Davinci Media College, is the only institute in India which is functioning inside an active Animation-VFX-Post Production studio, which has done Animation – VFX and Post-Production for more than 350 feature films and 3500 advertisement projects.This has the following advantages:

  • We teach what is required by the industry – So you will be always welcome by your employer.
  • Syllabus is dynamic in nature – We foresee what is the change in the trend and apply the changes to the syllabus and method of teaching – So you will be always be current in your subject knowledge
  • Course implementation monitored and assisted by industry experts – You will get the best practices in the industry making you JOB READY when you complete the course
  • More practical and Less theory – It will be fun to learn and apply it
  • Real Projects to learn – We give opportunity to our students to participate in real projects –You will get a job easily with our work experience certificate

We promise a great future, which will be fun filled with job-satisfaction and economic stability. Contact us, if you like to start your career in the visual media industry.

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3D Animation and VFX

This course prepares you to become a member in the Animation and VFX studio, catering to either 3D Cartoon Animation or Movie VFX projects. Most of the studios in Chennai are having our students doing great job in the animation and movie industry. Contact us to get their details.


Editing is the nerve centre of any media production, where all elements comes to a shape. We cover the editing that will be applicable to various jobs such as television, Cinema, Social Media, Internet Channels. You will be able to see yourself working in any one of these areas in a very short time, sometimes, even when you are doing the course. Many of the top editors in movies andTV Channels are our students. Contact us for getting more details.

Film Direction

We introduced Digital Cinema in India (First Digital Film Produced in India:Mutham – Tamil, Produced by Digital Magic, our parent company). We know the advantages of Digital format. We give an integrated environment where the students can learn the movie making by hands on experience with our sophisticated camera and rig, lights, video editing, Animation, VFX and Media delivery. Contact us for more details.

Graphic Designing

Visual Communication will be incomplete without graphic designing. Our course focuses on the creative and technical aspects of the graphic designing. This will helps you to stand out in the crowd to make you the winner.

Game Designing

Our Game design course will help you to become a game designer with 3D or 2D gaming on multi-platform. This ever evolving career as a Game artist or Game programmer will enable you to have fun all the way, while still having a lucrative career.

Digital Intermediate

A short cut to fame, if you love colors and believe you have control on them. This is a very unique course, where in you can become a member in the very specialised club of Digital Intermediate Colorists, who have their name and fame etched in every movie that is released around the world. With in a short period of 3 months, you will be having a great job and fantastic career ahead. Some of the top colorists are trained by us. Contact to get to know who have achieved their career best through our training.